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Should have gone at the end of that other entry, really.
What would you put in your Fortress of Solitude?

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1) Comfy couch
2) Bookcases w/ fave books
3) Desk & laptop
4) Soft lighting

Oddly, though, even though I have a "Fortress of Solitude" at our house (my private office), I hardly ever use it. I usually prefer to sack on on the couch in the living room w/ my laptop while watching Chris play whatever video game he's currently beating into the ground.

Yeah, I don't expect I'd use mine all that often either. (That's why I don't expect to end up with one -- other sorts of rooms would see more use, and are therefore better ways to arrange limited space.)

It's not really a Fortress of Solitude -- it's attached to the rest of the house, and doesn't even have a door -- but it's the first room of my very own that I've had in years and years, and it's as solitary as I want it to be, and it contains all my work-related books (the non-work-related stuff goes in the living room, for sharing with other people), and my couch (which is sometimes a bed), and a quality reading lamp, and a sunny window, and a good set of speakers. And frequently, a cat or two or three, and sometimes even other people, when I invite them.

lots and lots of light - a nice, big window and some nice bright daylght-spectrum lamps.
also good heavy curtains for when i wanted darkness
a computer
comfortable couch

I have a den. Does that count? :)

I think mostly I'd want my laptop and my music equipment, and possibly my Infocom games for downtime. :)

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