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Vegetable Report

I picked up our first box from the community-supported agriculture subscription on Friday. I am quite pleased so far. Things from the box are bolded below for your agriculture-following convenience.

Friday night, I made, from a recipe included in the box, pasta with shredded beets, sour cream, and parsley[1]. I also sauteed chard with green garlic. The chard was super-fantastic. I like it quite a bit. I was going to put the beet greens in with it, but andres_s_p_b requested that they be segregated in case they're nasty, so they haven't been cooked yet.

The next day, andres_s_p_b made stir fry that included some of the Savoy cabbage, and also cooked up a chicken breast and mushrooms for him and chinders.

My plan for Sunday was carrot-and-parsnip soup, but we got invited out for Mexican instead, so I'll do that later.

[1] The recipe included, about halfway through, "meanwhile, make the pasta", so I started water boiling before I began chopping things. The pasta was finished well before I was done peeling and shredding the beets; beet-shredding takes a while. Oddly, the recipe left out the clearly necessary step, of, just after shredding the beets, staggering into the office to groan piteously at andres_s_p_b and display one's poor wounded hand, clearly covered in blood and bits of viscera (or possibly beet juice and stray shreds).
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