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Vegetable Report
I picked up our first box from the community-supported agriculture subscription on Friday. I am quite pleased so far. Things from the box are bolded below for your agriculture-following convenience.

Friday night, I made, from a recipe included in the box, pasta with shredded beets, sour cream, and parsley[1]. I also sauteed chard with green garlic. The chard was super-fantastic. I like it quite a bit. I was going to put the beet greens in with it, but andres_s_p_b requested that they be segregated in case they're nasty, so they haven't been cooked yet.

The next day, andres_s_p_b made stir fry that included some of the Savoy cabbage, and also cooked up a chicken breast and mushrooms for him and chinders.

My plan for Sunday was carrot-and-parsnip soup, but we got invited out for Mexican instead, so I'll do that later.

[1] The recipe included, about halfway through, "meanwhile, make the pasta", so I started water boiling before I began chopping things. The pasta was finished well before I was done peeling and shredding the beets; beet-shredding takes a while. Oddly, the recipe left out the clearly necessary step, of, just after shredding the beets, staggering into the office to groan piteously at andres_s_p_b and display one's poor wounded hand, clearly covered in blood and bits of viscera (or possibly beet juice and stray shreds).

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Yay for CSA boxes! We get a CSA delivery every other week, along with some local non-produce goodies like bread, cheese, tea, etc.

Where in Texas grows tea?

We have good local bread and cheese at the Farmer's Market, but I don't think any of those producers do subscriptions.

Upon further investigation, the tea isn't grown in Texas, but the store is based in Austin. The company is Zhi Tea.

We are lucky to have a company in town called Greenling, that buys produce from a multitude of local farmers and puts it together in a weekly "Local Box" to deliver straight to our doorstep. :) So we get all the benefits of a traditional CSA, without having to commit to a full season and without any gaps during the year.

You left out the fennel that also went into the stir fry.

Also, it wasn't so much "groan piteously" as "*ahem* Ahh! My hand!" in a thoroughly sarcastic tone.

Ooh, right, fennel!

it wasn't so much "groan piteously" as "*ahem* Ahh! My hand!"

Well, I didn't want you to worry.

I don't love chard, but everything else sounds delightful!

Beet greens are delicious, but strangely unsatisfying. You keep expecting to get an actual beet in there, but never having one.
May your hand heal soon. (Is there some kind of gaming group hand injury club I'm not aware of? At this point, I think everyone but Brooks has had a hand injury in the last 12 months.)

Ah, my hand has not in fact been injured. It merely appeared to have been injured.

Note to self: Visual comedy works less well when reported later....

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