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Scavenger Hunt
As previously mentioned, we've got a new camera. I'm not terribly comfortable with it yet, and it has all kinds of complicated features I don't understand at all. So I need practice.

What are some things you would like to see pictures of?

Leave me suggestions in comments and I will see how many I can take a good photo for, then reply with the photo. (So fair warning if you're looking at this in the future -- the comments may take a while to load!)

I am looking for things I can find when out for a walk, or possibly on the way to and from work. Suggestions which can be interpreted in many ways and questions with non-obvious answers are good. (For instance, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"[1])

[1] To get to the police station. Now you know why and don't have to ask, but you can ask for a picture of the chicken if you'd like.

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This isn't flowering, at the moment, and actually I don't know if it does flower, but it's the closest I can get to desert just now.

(from the California Academy of Sciences on Tuesday)

Ok, here's a kind-of complicated one...

When you go for a walk, are there any things you see that you wouldn't necessarily see in other parts of the country? I'm thinking of common things like air conditioner units, or artsy manhole covers, or mailboxes of unusual design. I don't know the first thing about where you live, so if you told me in pictures, we'd both know more.

A palm tree and a pine tree seen over the roof.

Both of them are pretty common elsewhere, but I think of palms and pines together as a sign of home.

A metal statue of a boy sitting on a loaded wagon.

I'm not entirely sure what this statue commemorates. It's at the train station. You can see the VTA light rail (which I have never taken) in the background there. The station where I catch my train is the only place Caltrain and the VTA share a stop; Caltrain also shares a stop, much closer to San Francisco, with the BART system. I've ridden BART a few times. The Bay Area has a lot of different kinds of public transit, which means the system as a whole doesn't function very well because of political disputes over territory.

Edited at 2009-03-17 05:41 am (UTC)

"...the only place Caltrain and the VTA share a stop...."

Not quite; they also join up again at San Jose Diridon station.

Picture of you? :) How about a really interesting/cool/odd ramp or other access feature?

A ramp! The ramp itself is not all that interesting, but the mural and overall color scheme are kinda neat.

This is at a Singaporean place where we had lunch on Tuesday (we took the day off to take andres_s_p_b's dad to the science museum).

Nice! Thanks, I hope the request wasn't too boring.

Not boring at all.

I wanted to get a photo of the Caltrain wheelchair loading device, but the train moves fast.

Oh that would've been cool too!

Perhaps a picture of the hamster that goes with the chickens? That might be tricky, though, since I don't think I've ever even seen him, just his triangular prism.

What immediately came to mind was a native flowering plant (with i.d.) somewhere in town.

Something that'll give me feelings of home-longing, if you have a chance before I get back?

It's not a hamster, it's a guinea pig. I haven't seen his box out there for months now. I hope he's okay.

I know - I kept worrying that someone was going to move the box around when it was out on the lawn, before I knew what was inside (and how resistant it might be to said movement). This did, however, make me feel like I got an in-joke for once. Whee!

I would like to see pictures of spring blossoms. I'm not getting time to get out there and take any, so someone should. Otherwise - pictures of something that brings you joy.

Most of what I'm noticing right now is trees.

Some kind of tree blooming red next to a blue house.

I like the contrast between the red tree and the blue house.

This tree has great big pink flowers and no leaves yet.

I think this is a magnolia, but I'm not sure.

It is a magnolia. :) And I love that house - I've been enjoying walking by every morning for the last few weeks. Thanks!

Native Flowering Plant (with ID)

This is at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, because most of what's properly in town here isn't native or isn't easily identifiable.

First, a scarlet monkeyflower:

Close-up of a small cluster of bright red flowers.

Next, its ID:

An informative sign.

Spring (er, the season, I mean)
Something tiny and impossibly perfect and beautiful
The tooth fairy
Menacing shadows

(Sorry, I've had about two drinks, and believe me I needed them so I'm not exactly sorry about that *part* of it, but that means I'm now posting somewhat randomly, which is indeed the part I'm apologizing about, so if these suggestions turn out to suck, feel free to ignore them. (Wow, what a sentence.))

Water bubbling up from the middle of a path.

Conveniently, spring the noun is also associated with spring the season, because it's just been raining so the ground's all saturated. I took this last week at Pichetti Open Space Preserve.

Nifty! I don't think I've ever seen "a spring" (the noun) in the wild, so to speak. I've gone to hot-springs type of places, and Yellowstone, and the like, but I've never noticed a spring when walking by it. This reminds me how much is around us every day that we may or may not notice. :-)

This one would have been hard to miss, since it was right in the middle of the path.

My parents bought me this necklace charm in Saudi Arabia. It's a wee little dagger. It does come out of the sheath, but it's held on by the chain so it'd be a bit of trick to stab someone with it even if it were sharper.

But I like it.

Tight close-ups of everyday objects, and especially of everyday living things (like vegetables, for example).

The great thing about this kind of challenge is that I didn't get what I had in mind (because I wasn't clear enough), but what I got is absolutely amazing! You have taken a picture that looks like a painting (at least in this online version), which is really hard to do and totally awesome!

Thank you!

Thank you. What were you expecting?

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