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Tiny Art #1: The Cup Is Already Broken

I have created art.

And mailed it to Pennsylvania, where it has pleased little__one and also Maddie, who wants to use it for drinking imaginary tea. I am so chuffed about the imaginary tea, because that is exactly the right thing.

The name of this piece is "The Cup Is Already Broken". It is made of porcelain, copper wire, and paper.

The origin is the cup, which I got from Goodwill to keep on my desk at work and put teabags in. The reason I needed a thing to put teabags in is because the giant mug I had been using broke, so I had to switch to a smaller mug. The smaller mug does not hold enough water for an entire teabag of tea, so the teabag needs somewhere to rest between rounds.

Since the cup was purchased as a result of breakage, I made a conscious effort towards detachment with it. But when it inevitably broke, I was sad, because it's a darn cool little cup.

Now it has an afterlife.
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