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Look what I got!

Flowers from my parents

I never get flowers. Aren't they cute?

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Pretty indeed! *paws at flowers*

Very nice! And a happy birthday to you!

They do not, in fact, have names. Because they are dead.

It turns out there are rules about bringing houseplants into California, and the rules are more or less "If it's on this list of 3,462 plants, or if the border guy thinks it looks sick, he can confiscate it," so we didn't bring the houseplants all the way with us. Johann (remember Johann?) is now in retirement at my parents' house.

We have acquired a philodendron, which is not dead (unlike the other plant andres_s_p_b brought home with it), but it is also nameless.

Oh no! I'm so sorry! I missed your birthday!

Happy Birthday, Theresa!

That's all right; Andres missed my birthday. Sunday night (the 9th -- not my birthday!) he looked over my shoulder while I was doing something or other on the computer and suddenly went "Oh no! I completely missed your birthday!" "Um... no, that's tomorrow." "Oh! Whew! Uh... you want to go out for dinner or something?"

So we are totally organized and with-it over here, and never ever miss anybody's birthday. Nuh-uh. Doesn't happen. :)

Hee hee hee

Though I know Marlon wouldn't let me live it down for weeks if I did that. His last girlfriend forgot his birthday with NOTHING. No phone call or anything. He was really upset about it.

But being laid back is good too. :D

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