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Sick in Bed
Poll #1358658 Sick in Bed

When you or your partner are sick, who sleeps where?

The sick person moves to the couch / guest bed / etc.
The healthy person moves to the couch / guest bed / etc.
We sleep together like we usually do.
We sleep apart like we usually do.
We sleep together although we usually don't.
It depends.
This question doesn't apply to me, but I'd like to answer it anyway.


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For me, it depends, so I also checked the options that we sometimes do. The moving to the couch or guest bed is mostly driven by considerations of getting sleep; if one of us is sick in a way that leads to coughing and tossing and turning and otherwise being difficult to sleep near, then we usually don't try to sleep together.

When I'm sick I move to the couch for at least a while. Mostly because I worry about waking up Brooks, and I'm more comfortable sitting up than laying down.


Our guest bed (and sometimes couch) is mainly mine (and now is in my room), and I like sleeping on it, so often I'm the one who moves regardless of who's sick. Occasionally when I've been sick and wound up particularly well-settled in the bedroom, though, Alexei has been the one to move. And sometimes nobody moves.

cattitude and I sleep together, as usual. If I were sick while visiting rysmiel, or they were, we might sleep separately; rysmiel has trouble sleeping if their partner is having a restless night. I think I'd still sleep with adrian_turtle, if this came up while I was visiting her, but it might depend on what kind of sick. Note: if I was seriously ill and it came on before the trip, I'd reschedule. On the other hand, I was at Adrian's two weeks after gall bladder surgery, a condition which is not contagious.

I think at this point I'll be the one getting the guest bedroom no matter what, because it's upstairs and CJ's feet hurt climbing stairs.

Doesn't have to be that strict; I've been the one to go up there too, even since the foot trouble, and I don't mind the bright sun in there as much as you do. This recent time you got stuck with it because I'd already gotten the main bedroom all germy by the time you got home. :-)

We usually sleep together even when sick, but if boyziggy is sick he's more prone to fall asleep on the couch and stay there all night. And if one of us has a hacking cough that's keeping us awake anyway, we'll usually head for the couch.

We sleep in the bed together. If my back is hurting enough to keep me awake *and* I'm up for moving, I can go sleep on the recliner, but usually, we sleep in the bed together. Poor someotherguy used to be able to go sleep on the couch if we were keeping him awake, but now a teenager lives there, so he bought earplugs instead.

Mostly, we sleep together like we usually do -- partially because that gives us a way to keep an eye out on the other one if they need help.

Also, because we don't have a guest bed or couch or anything else sleep-in-able other than our bed.

At the apartment, the choice was between bed or floor, so usually the healthy person moved to the floor if the other was sick enough to warrant it. Now we have my uber-comfy couch, so either one of us might move.

It depends a lot on whether the sickness is contagious or not, and whether the healthy person thinks they are likely to catch it. A few times, Richard has slept in the bed the wrong way round, so that his head is further away from mine than usual, and it's less likely that one of us will cough/sneeze straight into the other one's mouth/nose.

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