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Tiny Art Progress

Item #1 is finished! Tomorrow I will take pictures of it, and maybe pack it up and mail it. (Pictures will not be posted until after it has been received, so little__one, tell me when you have admired it sufficiently to share, eh?) I am going to be particularly thorough about picture-taking for this one because I have this feeling it may collapse in shipment and need a guide to reassembly.

Item #2 is in the planning stage. My freeware cross-stitch planning program does not do quite what I need it to do here, so now I need to decide whether to find a better program or just do it by hand. I'm thinking by hand. Hm, yeah, then I can just get the bit that doesn't need reference photos sorted out on the train.

Item #3 is in the concept stage. I have some sketches, but I need to do a fair bit of prototyping to see if the first idea is going to work.
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