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Crow Breath
This morning, there was a crow standing on the railroad tracks, cawing away. I could see its breath.

I think that may be the first time I've seen non-human breath condensation. Definitely the first time I've seen it from a bird.

Crows would make good dragons.

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Crows would make *scary* dragons.

They are waaaay too smart.

Re: Crows would make *scary* dragons.

So are many dragons. And they like shiny things, and have a complex social organization, and can learn other species' language or calls, and and and.

Really about the only thing crows do that dragons don't is mob hawks.

... okay, who can draw? I think I have to write a comic book now.

Re: Crows would make *scary* dragons.

For that level, go with ravens. They use tools.

Neat. I think I've seen dog-breath condensation before, but not in California or Florida.

I must have seen dog breath before, dogs being common animals, but I don't think I've noticed it really.

Evolutionarily it was more the other way around.

I don't know that I'd consider theropod dinosaurs particularly dragon-like. Meat-eating, scaly, and fearsome, yes. But they don't have wings.

They did eventually! No beefy neck-mounted arms, though... :-(

I bet they have impressive breath plumes, as birds are so much hotter than humans.

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