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My boots came home!
Boots! With bottoms and everything!

Who wants to go hiking?!

Not this weekend -- I gave myself a blister roller skating with some of chinders's friends yesterday and that needs to go away first -- but sooooooon.

I didn't think the tread had been all that worn, but they seem to be distinctly taller now. I'm not sure what I think of the replacement insoles. They are comfy enough, but perhaps I would like more arch support? Dunno. Also I have lovely new laces which are not disintegrating into little cotton/polyester puffs.


Roller skating, incidentally, was great fun. Turns out to be a surprisingly good way at getting into the rest of my body and out of just my head and hands (which has been a thing I've been needing lately). The rink was remarkably like Manny's Skate back home I grew up with -- down to some of the same arcade machines[1] -- and the dislocation involved in stepping out onto the rink and having an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT distribution of body mass from the last time I was roller skating was considerable. (I've been ice skating more recently, and I was expecting to use the body motions from that. But no; body says Wheels Go Like This.)

[1] Also they had Dr. Who pinball, which I am terribly pleased by despite the fact that it is short several Doctors.

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What variety of hiking do you mean by hiking? I like to hike, but I also like to acknowledge that I'm out of shape, so there are limits. But I have this book of 60 hikes within 60 miles, and some of them look quite fun. (I'm less into the fully exposed to the sun ridgeline trails than the others, for instance. Unless it's a cold day. In February.)

I mainly use Bay Area Hiker for finding interesting hikes. Ridgelines are nice when the weather's right for it, but it's a pity that the temperature being right mostly coincides with the landscape being covered in fog. Hiking is most fun for the first seven kilometers or so, and becomes very rapidly much less fun after about twelve km. (Assuming moderate elevation changes; steep is tiring faster.)

Oh! Oh! Me! Me!
I'm also in on the "crap, I'm more out of shape than I thought". We did Quicksilver Almaden a month or so back and the first two miles up...and up... and up... kinda did me in.
But let me know when.

I would love to go hiking. All distances and inclines are fine.

Er, hm. I seem to have completely lost track of the connection between LJ name and person (I am not good with names). Help?

Sure - Peter. I am a friend of tenacious-snail.

Uh, hm. Doesn't narrow it down much, really.

We are glad you came. Having more friends skate with us makes it a lot more fun.

I know you're probably not at that stage but, after I bought my own skates and put insoles into them, then I stopped getting blisters entirely. Also, it made it easier to skate because it wasn't all janky.

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