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My boots came home!

Boots! With bottoms and everything!

Who wants to go hiking?!

Not this weekend -- I gave myself a blister roller skating with some of chinders's friends yesterday and that needs to go away first -- but sooooooon.

I didn't think the tread had been all that worn, but they seem to be distinctly taller now. I'm not sure what I think of the replacement insoles. They are comfy enough, but perhaps I would like more arch support? Dunno. Also I have lovely new laces which are not disintegrating into little cotton/polyester puffs.


Roller skating, incidentally, was great fun. Turns out to be a surprisingly good way at getting into the rest of my body and out of just my head and hands (which has been a thing I've been needing lately). The rink was remarkably like Manny's Skate back home I grew up with -- down to some of the same arcade machines[1] -- and the dislocation involved in stepping out onto the rink and having an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT distribution of body mass from the last time I was roller skating was considerable. (I've been ice skating more recently, and I was expecting to use the body motions from that. But no; body says Wheels Go Like This.)

[1] Also they had Dr. Who pinball, which I am terribly pleased by despite the fact that it is short several Doctors.
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