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Taxes finished!
Federal taxes are no sweat, but Certain States I Shall Not Name [in this sentence] seriously need to improve their instructions. (Pennsylvania, I am looking at you, you confusing thing. Next to you New York and its whole "round to the nearest four decimal places" pales into simplicity.)

But I never have to file taxes in Pennsylvania again! Ha!

(California residents, please don't tell me CA taxes are complicated. I am going to try very hard not to think about it until at least January.)

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Last time I did CA taxes, I think they were basically "What did you put on your Federal return?" and then two lines of adjustments that didn't apply to me.

I just managed to send my tax forms to my mother (my standard "tax filing" process, since she works at a law firm that does taxes, and all).

It went fairly easily. Of course, she works at a law firm, so I guess it doesn't really count.

Say, by the way, how's everything else going? Have you seen more of SF yet?

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