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Dental Hygiene: A Poll
Poll #1339584 Dental Hygiene

Do you brush first or floss first?

Brush, then floss.
Floss, then brush.
Some more complicated way of combining the two, like brushing half my teeth, then flossing, then brushing the rest.
Only brushing, no flossing.
Only flossing, no brushing.
Some other method of tooth-cleaning entirely (WaterPiks? mouthwash? chewed sticks?).

Note: If you brush, floss, and use some other method of tooth-cleaning, just answer for the brushing-and-flossing part. If you do different things at different times, answer for whichever you feel is most representative and/or most thorough. (For instance, I brush twice a day, but only floss once. I'll answer for the time of day when I do both.)

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There are weeks when I remember to floss; there are quarters when I forget. I try to do better about it. My answer is for the weeks when I actually remember, because that's the more interesting answer.

This will, because of your poll, likely be one of those weeks.

brush. floss. mouthwash.

though i go through flossing-phases. i will remember for about a week then stop for anywhere for a week to two months. repeat.

I used to be a flosser in phases. Then I had a root canal. For some reason I've been much more consistent since then....

i was REALLY GOOD after the put the bridge in. but it also takes so much more effort now... so i'm back to phases. Though they are more often then they used to be. I try to do it at LEAST once a week, but want to at least every other day.

FWIW, my hygienist recently told me that that two days in a row and two days off is far better than every other day, because it more greatly impacts the buildup of bacteria, whereas every other day sort of never really gets the job done. (I used to do every other day.)

one of my new year resolutions is to floss more regularly - mostly i just do it when i have eaten something that gets stuck in my teeth

I floss and brush at separate times of day, because unless I set a reminder to floss, I forget, and the reminder pops up at my computer, so that's where my floss is, and the toothbrush is in the bathroom.

When I used to do them both at the same time, I did brush-then-floss.

I will floss, but never as part of brushing my teeth. Usually it's because something feels stuck between two, and so I'll go floss to get that out and then keep going with the rest of my teeth (or at least most of them). So there's little to no consistency with the flossing part.

I have a ... thing ... about dental floss. It gets stuck between my teeth and makes me afraid I'm going to pull off my very expensive crowns. Irrational, but there you go.

My hygienist introduced me to these things, which are like tiny bottle-brushes for cleaning between one's teeth. I happily gave up floss in favor of them, so I voted for the "only brushing, no flossing" choice, but it's misleading.

Those are interesting little devices.

Do you know if they work for bridges?

No idea, but I bet your dental hygienist could tell you.

That's what I use, and what I meant when I answered the "floss" questions.

When I have time, I brush, then floss, then do a quick brush over again. Otherwise I just floss, then brush.

I don't floss in the mornings, although I do brush then. My hygienist insists that flossing at night is mandatory, morning, not so much, although she certainly wasn't going to say it was a bad habit. (I used to floss every morning and only sometimes at night.)

I would file that under "more complicated combination" rather than under "different method entirely".

I used to brush before breakfast (when I lived in a dorm and had to go across campus to get breakfast), and it would have been completely pointless to floss then. I guess these days morning flossing would be more useful, since I'd be doing it after breakfast and therefore after things had a chance to stick. Hm. Perhaps I should take it up.

It's never really pointless to floss, as every time you expose the anaerobic bacteria to oxygen is a good thing, but I could see that it doesn't serve your "getting stuff out that's stuck in between my teeth" needs. My hygienist said it was better to floss before bed specifically because you then had a long period of time in which your gums can "rest" with fewer bacteria and no new exposure to food particles...always assuming you don't take a snack to sleep with you. (I know someone who insisted on eating cookies before falling asleep.)

(I changed my answer to suit your preference.)

Mostly, I just brush, and feel mildly guilty about not flossing. If something is stuck in my teeth, I'll floss it out.

I went through a mouthwash phase, but am currently not using it.

I usually floss first, but since I don't always floss I sometimes brush, then say "eh, I should floss" and do it then.

I began flossing a lot more regularly when I came to realize that, unlike expensive fancy toothbrushes, expensive fancy Glide-type floss totally kicks the ass of its cheap, traditional, generic sibling.

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