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brooksmoses bought me lovely prints for Christmas. andres_s_p_b found nice frames for them, and they are hanging on the wall now.

The prints are:

Air Mouse
Fire Mouse
Water Mouse (Note that we've got this one hanging sideways, relative to the original orientation. I like it better this way.)
Earth Mouse
Hill o' Beans

The blowgun is from Bali.

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Those are great!

But I might be biased by 1) my mom calls me mouse, 2) the witchy side of me, and 3) they're pretty.

I don't think that last one's a source of bias; I think it's evidence.

They're gorgeous - I *love* FireMouse.

I have a couple of these:

(the banana and the cherry one) I don't really do 'cute', but for these figures I make an exception.


I've got a little list of her artwork, ready to order. The Mouse series is on it. :-).

Cute! Perhaps directly under an earthen elemental influence, your bottles will have their base-jumping tendencies curbed? ;)

Wall full of Ursula Vernon: fully awesome.

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