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Tiny Art

I had quite a good time last year making Tiny Art for people, so now that I have finished my cross-stitch project I'm going to do it again.

There was theoretically this meme attached, where the Tiny Art recipients were supposed to make art for other people, and so on, but none of them did that. So I'm leaving that part out this time.

If you would like Tiny Art, be one of the first three people to comment below. I will need an address for mailing (in e-mail is fine) or an agreement to meet sometime, along with a word for inspiration-type purposes. One Tiny Art unit will be finished at the end of February, one at the end of April, and one at the end of June. Order of commenting may or may not have any correlation with order of finishing.

If it can be called art, it might get made. Last time I made a cross-stitch C:/> prompt, a collage which did not come out so well as I hoped, and this little sculpture / wall hanging:

(The eyes are mirrors.)

Other possibilities include songs, paintings, poems, very small stuffed things, bits of wood, origami, etc. Probably not interpretive dance, but you never know.
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