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A Drawback
My parents gave me a very nice little speaker device with iPod dock. I have music in the living room (and the kitchen) now, which is great.

Except it encourages dancing. Which would be great, except that it's cold, so I'm wearing socks... on the smooth laminate floor... near the glass-topped coffee table... and the Christmas tree....

So. Yeah. I'm okay! Nothing is broken! Just a little startled.

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Tell them to give you socks with rubber treads on the soles too? :)

Another good reason to replace the worn-out soles of my fuzzy slippers.

(Also, sorry, I'm terrible with names -- have we met? I can't quite seem to place you from the userinfo.)

We haven't. I added your journal to my friends list a few weeks ago after I liked a comment you left with a friend (can't recall which exactly). I dig your open writing style.

Aha. Good, I will stop trying to figure that out, then.

Thank you. :)

Those... don't... have... toes. I have never heard of toeless socks!

And they're even specifically toeless toe socks, since they have bits that go between the toes!

Otherwise they'd be ankle warmers!

tiger_spot, these are probably better anyway, considering you were wearing socks for warmth. :-)

Heh. Sort of like so, I suppose!

Though I am mostly saying that as an excuse to post that link, which goes back to a blog all about nifty socks and related things, from a store in Portland that sells nifty socks. They have some quite entertaining stuff.

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