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My missing bicycle glove was waiting for me at work when I got in today. I was worried I might have left it on the train, but there it was, waving jauntily at me from the top of my desk.

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Hooray! I'm glad it's not lost.

Meanwhile, given the direction the temperature seems to be going, I am thinking that I may need to get some sort of bicycling gloves too.

...All I can think of is that scene in Evil Dead 2.

Ok, a lot of the scenes in Evil Dead 2. But I think you know the one I mean. I imagine a glove is less formidable than a hand, though. Perhaps you have a Thing glove instead of an Evil Dead glove.

Re: "waving jauntily"

I have not seen Evil Dead 2. Nor, for that matter, Evil Dead 1.

Re: "waving jauntily"

It's...well... if you like very silly gory horror movies, you'll love it. I prefer the third one in the series (Army of Darkness) as it is funnier.
Essentially, his hand "goes bad" and he lops it off with a chainsaw. And then the hand chases him around and tries to kill him.

At least it's not his intestines!

I missed the word "glove" initially, and was very surprised to learn your bicycle turned up on top of your desk. Then I re-read.

It is a talented and acrobatic bicycle.

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