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Hey, Canadians!
My parents are probably moving to Toronto in March. This is yay, because it means I can go visit.

What should they know about Toronto?

What should I know about Toronto?

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hmm.. lets see.

Multi colourd money.. lots of 'U's
The Younge-Jarvis-Bloor area is the "alternative lifestyle area" :)

Queen's Street west of Bloor is the clubbing area.

Spadinna/Dundas is the Chinatown area.

Yearly Greak festival every year on Dundas St East. (In the spring/summer)

Transit system is very good, try to live close to a subway.. or with in an easy bus to the subway.

Avoid outer Scarborough. I would recomend some where on StClare, in North York, or similiar

Cobalt-00 may know more.

(Deleted comment)
I was thinking younge. But Bathurst is more correct. Especially since bloor and queen don't cross. Thanks for the correction.

Yay! Visiting! :)

Umm..houses are expensive, but you can find good deals in certain areas of the city. It's generally safe in most areas there are only a couple that I would avoid and I'm sure any real estate agent would guide them away from those areas.

Finding a place close to transit makes it easy to go get around the city on days when they don't feel like taking the car or having to park.

The most important thing is obviously that I live in Toronto.

Aside from that, Toronto is very, very multicultural and as such, you can find lots of food from other cultures here. Exploring Toronto's restaurants is definitely something to be done.

The public transit can be very good or very irritating depending on where you live.

There is lots of green space in the city, but it can be surprising where you find it. If they like walking in nature, a Toronto area hiking or walking guide would be a good investment probably.

Um. Hm.

Oh, we have a Science Fiction / Fantasy-specific bookstore called Bakka Phoenix.

Also, toronto is VERY active and is a good place to ask questions of the, "Where can I find X?" or, "Can someone recommend Y?" variety.

We like our dentist a lot and can make a recommendation.

The most important thing is obviously that I live in Toronto.

Well, it's the first thing I thought of. But then I don't know much about the city. Yet. :)

Hmm. Offhand, I would say that it smells bad downtown downtown (yes, it does) but that the used bookstores and restaurants make it worth it.
Other than that, getting a doctor/dentist/optometrist may be finicky. Public transit is generally good if you want to go somewhere popular. Traffic is a blooming nightmare most of the day.
If they're living downtown... they should invest in blackout curtains if they want to sleep. If they're living in one of the extended suburbs, there are other factors to be aware of, but you didn't mention this specifically.

And Alex should not be relied upon for directions in the Toronto area. This may never come into play, but I present it just in case.

Alex should not be relied upon for directions in the Toronto area.

As shown above, eh?

Kinda yeah. He lived there once, but it apparently screwed with his memory of street names quite a bit. His directions sometimes include exits off the highway that do not exist. Or he swaps street names. The problem is that he's always absolutely sure that he's right.
Good use of eh, though. ;)

Good use of eh, though.


This is the first I've heard of your parental units moving to Toronto. I shall have to poke the Chris and see why he didn't know/tell me about it.

Because he doesn't talk to anybody.

(brooksmoses wants to know why Chris gets a definite article. I suspect that particular usage of the definite article [and plurals of names, and for that matter "parental units"] may in fact be TAMS dialect. What do you think?)

Well "parental units" isn't purely TAMS dialect, as I've heard other folks use such terminology, but I'm not sure on the definite article thing. It may be partially because Chris gets irritated if there are other people named Chris within our circle of friends/acquaintances, so he becomes "the Chris" (not "The Chris"... wouldn't want to inflate his ego too much), whereas others are just "Chris".

But I'm probably just talking out of my ass. He is, however, thrilled that another Chris we know is moving to Maryland.

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