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Okay, seems to be improving....
My mom sent another test e-mail just now (after establishing that e-mail from her was bouncing last night), and it made it!

Tiger Spot: Interesting. I hope that's a universally good sign, and it's not just you. (Although even if it is just you, that's still better than nothing!)
Mom: it's fixed -- I can feel it in me bones
Tiger Spot: I dunno; there's no spam yet.
Mom: jeez louise
Tiger Spot: I'm not used to spam being a *good* sign, but it does at least come in reasonably regularly and can therefore be used to diagnose receiving problems.
Mom: you wouldn't be happy if they hung you with a new rope

Therefore, if you have had something bounce, now would be a good time to test whether it's still bouncing. Andres' work e-mail has found us again too, so the problem may in fact be fixed, or in the process of fixing itself. ::crosses fingers::