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Music Videos
I have no idea who this kid is, but you must see his instrument.

It is like a kazoo strapped to a ukulele, with a teeny-tiny keyboard attached.

You can also hear the kazookeylele in a duet with a robotic pipe organ, playing -- what else? -- Dueling Banjos.

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Is there some sort of rule? The stranger the instrument* the more likely it'll be used to play dueling banjos?

*I kept trying to type "the stranger the weapon" read into that what you may.


I think that may well be a rule, and would feel compelled to subject it to statistical study if only I had a great deal more free time. Certainly there is a rule that, the stranger a pairing of instruments is, the more likely it will be used to play Dueling Banjos.

And if there isn't, there should be.

(I don't think "weapon" is necessarily an inappropriate term, either.)

oneironaut was very sad to find that he couldn't find a rendition of a hurdy-gurdy playing Dueling Banjos online, when I mentioned this law to him. (We did find evidence that it had been played, though!)

That seems so unneccessarily AWESOME!!!

Awesome is never unnecessary. Or possibly awesome is never necessary, but always appreciated. It is, in any case, very very awesome indeed. :)

Huh; wow. There are actually parts of that that are not bad at all!

The robotic pipe organ is pretty nifty, too.

"parts"? Sir, I object. If I weren't at work I'd play it again right now.

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