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The Human Rights Campaign has a few donors who are matching all contributions made today to the No on 8 campaign.

We just gave another $150, which I think means our names get published somewhere. Look, a visible political stand!

I am also considering volunteering for the phone banking at some point, although frankly the concept is terrifying.

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And some more added here. That's a more satisfying, and probably more effective, response to the "Yes on 8" sign in the Shoreline median I saw coming home tonight than what I was thinking of, which was adding a "Destroy families!" sign to the top of it (because it would be crass to just pull it up).

The phone banking does sound pretty terrifying, from what I've heard.

I've done the phone banking. It was much easier than I thought it would be. They give you scripts to follow. I actually found it was easier to call complete strangers than to call family and friends. (They started out having us call our family and friends.)

*nods* The horror story I heard was someone who tried it and couldn't deal with the responses he got from opposing people yelling homophobias at him. (But, then, I suppose this was also a case where considering his emotional temperament it was probably clear from the get-go that this would get to him pretty easily; he was having a hard time dealing with someone leaving a "Yes on 8" card on his car.)

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