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Prepare Your Response In Advance

[Warning: This post contains topics known to the State of California to be specific to the State of California and uninteresting to residents of other areas.]

I got a call this evening from someone calling around to encourage people to vote yes on Proposition 8.

"You're voting yes on Proposition 8?" I inquired, not at all sure I'd heard correctly.
"Yes," said the young woman on the phone.
"You want to prevent people who love each other from marrying?" I asked, just to be clear.
"Well, I've got kids, see, and I don't want them taught--"
"You are an ass," I hissed, and hung up the phone.

While someone who's phone banking for the damn thing probably isn't convincible, there were several more useful ways to end that conversation (or prolong it, preventing her from encouraging anyone), which did not occur to me through the blinding anger. I kinda don't think they'll be calling back here, but if you are similarly prone to outbursts of rage when people are being evil, a little advance warning may be useful. So there you are.
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