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Itty-bitty rodent critters
Saturday we went out to the Rattie Ratz adoption fair and came home with two four-month-olds.

Tethys is a pink-eyed white (or possibly a very, very pale champagne capped? There's definitely a texture difference between the fur on her head and the rest of it, but we can't tell if it's a different color or if it's just the line between her baby fur and her adult fur). She thinks people are kind of interesting.

Calypso is a black hooded who looks very, very much like Aphrodite. They're going to be hard to tell apart from the front. Calypso thinks people are scary, but would like to explore the rest of the room. She's not as generally scared as Hera was when we first got her, but she's about that scared of people.

They both like grapes, plums, and the wheel we just put in there. The wheel is courtesy chinders, whose boys are too lazy to use one, leaving her with a couple of extras. She also loaned us one of the largest size to go in the big cage to see if Hera's willing to use it, on the theory that she doesn't have to go in quite such a straight line in a bigger wheel. Hera climbed in and looked around a bit, but then got distracted by corncobs. Aphrodite seems to quite like it, though.

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Are we going to get pictures of the new furry things?

Eventually, once they have adapted to their new environment and relaxed a bit. They're still pretty jumpy.

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