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Sugar-free Celebratory Beverages

I have got a lot of people in my social circle who are, for various reasons, avoiding or minimizing their sugar intake. I do okay at having things at parties for these people to eat (veggie tray FTW!) but I wish I could offer more festive beverages than water or milk. Everything I like to drink for special occasions is made of sugar -- ginger ale, various fruit juices, cocoa, cider in all its various forms[1], the occasional soda, etc.

I could get sugar-free sodas, but not very people seem to actually drink those and I don't like having leftovers of things I won't use up. I always have tea, but haven't had much luck arranging it in such a fashion that people are aware it's available. (Actually, come to think of it, I could make up iced tea in advance and put a nice big label on the pitcher in the fridge; that should be fairly clear. Still not sure what to do to indicate availability of fresh hot tea, though.) What else is more interesting than water but not chock-full of sugar?

[1] cold, mulled, hard, and sparkling
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