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I have a nifty silver paint pen that I need to finish an art project. Earlier today, it died while I was trying to finalize the design. I was rather put out, but I've had it for a while and it's seen a fair bit of use, so fine. I went and got a new one, and continued fiddling with the design. And the new one died! I am deeply, deeply displeased.

On the plus side, neither of them blobbed all over my artwork, I have (I think) figured out what I want to do design-wise (but I need another pen to make sure that's true and to do the final version with), the bike ride up to University Art Supply is very pleasant and also good and long[1], and the project doesn't strictly speaking need to be done until Wednesday. But I really wanted to finish it today!

Andrés is going to go complain at the store and see about a refund (and get me a new pen) tomorrow, since they close before I get home from work. Yay, Andrés!

[1] Bryant Street rocks my world. It says very clearly, "This road is for bicyclists. You cars are only here on sufferance." It's such a nice change.
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