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Hera Update
She's still tilty, but she's not having any trouble eating, drinking, or getting around the cage. I haven't seen her use the wheel at all, which is definitely abnormal, but she's mainly been hanging out in hammocks and baskets and other things high off the ground, so her coordination can't be too impaired. I haven't seen her fall over since Saturday, although Calliope's been taking advantage of her compromised balance to push her down and steal things ever so often.

She does not want to take her medication, even in juice, but she hasn't figured out yet that she doesn't have to swallow just because something's in her mouth, so the forcible syringe method is working fine. And she gets a treat afterward, so if she figures out the connection she might stop squirming quite so much.

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glad to hear she is seemingly on the mend.

I'm not sure if she's improving or just getting used to it. I think she's holding her head straighter, but it's sort of an average over time so it's hard to tell.

I'm really glad to see that she seems to be doing better, at least. But it's so strange to think of her not using the wheel.... Poor ratling. I hope she gets lots better soon.

Still tilty, huh? Poor Hera. I'm glad she's climbing well!

Good to hear she's functioning if not entirely well just yet. :)

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