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DNS servers and why I hate them

Something out there in the world has broken our e-mail. The websites we run off the same server are fine, but e-mail is not getting to us, and hasn't for the last few days. I am mightily annoyed, but andres_s_p_b (also known as Tech Support) says there is nothing to be done but wait for it to fix itself.

I feel that surely there must be some human agency involved somewhere, that can be yelled at to fix the problem or at least blamed to release steam, but this does not appear to be the case.

Oddly, e-mail from my work account or my hotmail account gets to me fine, but pretty much nothing else seems to be able to find us. I had one piece of spam this morning, as opposed to the usual 15 or so. I can send e-mail just fine, but when anyone tries to send me something, it bounces with a note that mapache.org does not exist. At least individuals sending me things can tell there's trouble, but I haven't been getting comment notifications and I really hope I'm not missing any important e-mail from the things I have set up to bill online.

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