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Camping Food
We are going camping this weekend. I need ideas for dinner. We have a little camping stove and a cooler, so I need things that can be cooked on the stove or made ahead and either served room temperature or warmed up in a pot.

I am thinking probably chili with rice; that occupies both stove burners, but I feel like there ought to be side dishes. Not sure what.

Breakfast is going to be pancakes.

I think I will bring sandwich stuff for lunch, along with carrot sticks and fruit. That'll fit nicely in the cooler, with room for drinks if we want cold drinks. I wonder if anybody wants cold drinks.

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if you go to REI there are lots of boil-water-and-add-it-to-the-bag-and-let-it-set foods. some are actually good. not FANTASTIC, but good.

other than that: hummus, grilled cheese, pasta, little stuffed mushrooms (with cheese) in a pan with a heavy lid), homefried potatoes, boxed mac and cheese (annies, it's organic :) ), smores (can be made vegetarian with Fluff and tin foil wrap)...

How do you make a s'more with tinfoil? Assemble s'more, wrap in tinfoil, prop near fire for heating?

yup. not *quite* the same, but it works.

With chili? Baby carrots are what I usually go with. A pre-made bag of salad also works. Add a loaf of french bread, and you are good to go. And the boil-in-a-bag rice is easy for camping, as opposed to the real stuff.

Stir fry works well for dinner too, or spaghetti. I will also make up a stew ahead of time, and freeze it in (doubled) ziploc bags. That adds to the coldness in the cooler. Take it out earlier in the day to thaw, then just re-heat.

Ooh, I like this freezing concept. That sounds like a good idea, especially for a several-day trip.

Canned salmon with couscous. Let the couscous sit in boiling water for five min while you debone the salmon, mix, and eat. Can add canned veggies too, if you like, or something you bring and chop. It's a really fast, surprisingly tasty meal that lends itself to variations - and I happened to be fed this meal once while camping, which is what reminded me. :)
Where are you headed? Or did we discuss this at dinner and I've totally forgotten?

Hm, couscous would be excellent camping food, with the boil-water-let-sit nature of it. Definitely less propane-intensive than, say, pasta.

We are heading to Henry W. Coe State Park (about an hour away) to test the new camping gear and see if we all fit in a tent (interpersonally, not physically). Also there will be some hiking. Although possibly not a campfire (there is conflicting information about whether they're allowed at the moment; I will call and check tomorrow), which makes me sad because I like campfires.

Whee camping!

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