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Day Eleven: At Sea

This was the least awful day at sea. I didn't have to go lie down because I was sick even once.

In the afternoon, the magician from earlier did an escape-artist act in the pool on deck. That was kind of neat, although the sides of the pool blocked the view so we couldn't see the actual escaping part.

The evening entertainment was a couple of contortionist/acrobats who have performed with Cirque du Soleil before, Ilya and Valerie. That was an unexpected kind of show. They're very good. I liked the way they arranged things to play up Valerie's strength and not just her gracefulness. They were both incredibly strong and very very graceful indeed.

Then we packed up our luggage and set it outside our stateroom to be carried off the ship, retaining only what we needed to get up very early the next morning and be bussed to the airport.

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