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Bay Area Tourist Reviews: Muir Woods and Monterey Bay Aquarium

Two weeks ago, wynddom came to visit for a few days. Due to nasty, nasty work deadlines, I did not get to take all four days off to go play, but I did get to explore a little bit.

Tuesday, after collecting wynddom at the airport, we drove up through San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, to Muir Woods. This is a pretty darn cool place, with enormous trees and a neat little creek and lots of moss and assorted very small flowers. It was very muddy, so we just did the little loop out from the visitor's center and back on the other side of the creek. There wasn't much wildlife, but lots of fascinating things had happened to the trees -- lots of burned parts, hollowed-out trunks, fallen-over rootballs, and very tiny redwoods sprouting around the big ones (and many slightly taller but dead redwoods, having failed to locate sufficient light). Even though we didn't go very far, it was starting to get dark by the time we got back to the car, both because the clouds had rolled in and because we'd been walking very slowly, with frequent stops to appreciate the itty bitty plants, attractively sculpted redwood trunks, and sheer quantity of UP.

Then we came back here, getting only slightly lost in the strange city in the driving rain on the way, and andres_s_p_b gave us the Google cafeteria tour.

Wednesday, I worked (boo!) and wynddom did cool stuff up in San Francisco. When she and andres_s_p_b got home, we had dinner with lots of people (hi, people!), which was great fun.

Thursday andres_s_p_b and I both took off, and we all headed down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the water puppies. And, you know, fish and stuff.

That is one nifty aquarium! They have lots of fascinating fish:
* tuna, huge and fast
* sardines, tiny and shiny, with very bright red mouths when they opened them to get water over their gills
* flatfish of various sorts, with their wacky eyeballs
* many skates & rays, with lovely patterns

One giant Pacific octopus was hanging out in the top front corner of the tank, curling its tentacles up and down just an inch or so from my nose. Tentacles are really cool.

The jellyfish/art exhibit was neat, but it didn't seem well planned; there were several tanks of jellyfish in other parts of the aquarium as well, and the very strange motorized singing jellyfish life cycle display was off in some other corner entirely.

Friday, more working on my part and touring on wynddom's, followed by more dinner, with mostly different people! (Hi, people!)

And then we all got up very early in the morning indeed, and andres_s_p_b drove wynddom back to the airport, on time and everything.

But now wynddom has seen more of San Francisco than we have, so we have some serious catching up to do.
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