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Day Six: Greenock/Gourock/Glasgow

We landed in Greenock, Scotland, at a tiny little port filled with extremely enthusiastic vendors and greeters and volunteers. Andres and I were taken in hand by the Inverclyde Volunteer Tour Group, who popped us on a bus around the next town over (Gourock) while the peppy Welsh guide, Gwynyth, told us about local history. We saw lots of nice views, an overturned sugar boat in the middle of the river (they decided it marked the sandbar nicely, so it's been there for a while), one of only two outdoor swimming pools in Scotland, and a standing stone. Gwynyth is standing in front of this sign because it is wrong.

Then we took the train up to Glasgow. We had lunch in a kind of pub. Andres had more Guinness and a minted lamb burger he said was kind of like the mutant offspring of a burger and a gyro; I had vegetarian chili that was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED OH GOD PROTEIN (the dinners on the cruise ship had a lot of cheese but not much else). Then we trotted a long way across the city to the art and science museum, which was free (yay) but possibly not the best use of our limited time given the train ride and all. We zoomed through the particularly Scottish bits, learning about Art Noveau, local wildlife (including the haggis, a small four-legged feathered creature that runs around hills -- but only one way, as its legs are shorter on one side [they had a model, with an explanatory plaque]), and some dentist who was also an amateur painter (not a very good one, but the museum seemed to like him).

According to the museum, the pink pigeons are Wood Pigeons.
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