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Camping Gear
For Christmas, andres_s_p_b promised to get me camping gear. He and chinders went out today and got two sleeping bags, a stove, a lovely hand-cranked flashlight, a very bright battery-powered lantern, and an enormous tent.

They are now attempting to assemble the tent in the living room. I am not sure whether this is going to work, on grounds that the tent may well be larger than the living room. Nothing has broken so far, including any laws of space or time, so perhaps it'll fit.

Next stop, Lassen!

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It fit. And nothing broke! *g*

I didn't know you celebrated Christmas in July.

andres_s_p_b is not very good about fulfilling promises in a timely manner.

(Also, just because LJ calls it anonymous posting doesn't mean you actually have to be anonymous. You can stick your name down at the bottom of the comment.)

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