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I described the general feeling of this particular round of illness as "Someone has replaced my brain with cotton and then set it on fire. It's all smoldering."

This morning, I can has brains again! I still feel pretty bad, mind you, but there are some coherent thoughts running around. Yay! Now perhaps I can get on with reconnecting with friends and writing up the interesting bits of the trip and getting the photos off my camera and so forth.

Or perhaps this'll just be Thursday all over again. Better so far, so I shall be cautiously optimistic.

(Thursday morning I woke up feeling a little better -- not remotely healthy, but better -- and decided that I could either go to work and be sick and miserable or stay home and be sick and miserable and bored. So I went to work. That was REALLY DUMB. I gave up at 11:00 and came home, but all that getting to and from sapped any energy I might have had to spend on useful things like, say, sitting upright the rest of the day. Being sick makes me stupid. When I am just a little bit sick, I complain like a horrible complaining thing; when I am a lot sick I switch over into NO I'M FINE I CAN GO TO WORK ::sits on floor because too dizzy to stand:: REALLY I'M FINE COULD YOU BRING ME SOME WATER ::falls asleep before the water-bringer gets back::)

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Oh yikes! I didn't realize you were / are / had been sick. Maybe I flunk LJ reading comprehension. Anyhow, I hope you improve rapidly. Seriously sick is no fun.

(When I am a lot sick it usually goes "I think I'm okay - Yeah, I think I'm really gonna be o - BATHROOM NOW." I think sick removes my brain. Ah well!)

Definitely on the mend. Huzzah!

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