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Zombie Theresa says "Ugh"
Why is it that I only stay home from work when I'm too sick to do anything enjoyable? This hardly seems fair. (On the other hand, work is much easier than most enjoyable things, so I suppose it's only logical.)

I was sick yesterday, too, but not quite this sick. Sick enough that I told people at work that if I was still that sick today I wouldn't come in. I wouldn't have gone in yesterday, even, but I did want to go in the first day back to get a handle on where things are. (Things are rather quiet at the moment, it turns out. This is good.) Sent in e-mail about 6:30 this morning indicating that not only was I still that sick, I was in fact worse, then turned off my alarm, went back to bed, and slept until 2:00. Staying home was definitely the correct decision.

Also yesterday I went out with the usual suspects plus a few for dinner and Wall-E. Fantastic movie. Very sweet. I was impressed by how well the live-action footage blended in; I'm not sure whether that's a result of the animation being realistic or the footage being well-processed, but it worked out nicely in either case. I was unsure whether this was a good idea at the time, being sick and all, but now I am very happy that it got scheduled for yesterday instead of today, because I am definitely not up for it today. I hope I didn't contage at anybody.

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Nuts I was going to suggest a dinner and a movie this week. Maybe next week? any desire to see wanted?

Well, if by "this week" you mean like Saturday or something, then I certainly hope I'll be feeling better. I'll probably be up for the dinner part, anyway, even if not the movie.

I don't know if I want to see Wanted or not; looking at the official site I see that it is rated R for "strong bloody violence" -- I am okay with some violence, but if the ratings guys feel the need to swear about it it may be rather beyond me!

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