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Home again, home again

Home! And very well welcomed (and fed, yay), and starting to catch up on alone time (cruise ships are hard on introverts, it turns out).

While I was gone someone set my state on fire. :( Other than that things seem to have toddled along nicely without me.

There will be pictures and trip journal eventually, mainly about the bits on land as those were the fun parts. (The bits on water... well. I will not be going out of sight of land very possibly ever again, will definitely not be going on water I can't see across any time soon, and am frankly suspicious of water I can't jump across at the moment.)

Suggested interesting topics have not been written about, as most of that time I thought was going to be good writing time turned out to be good lying down and moaning quietly time, or in some cases good having dreams of nearly fever-quality weirdness time. Seasickness bad.
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