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The image meme
Via kightp.

The image from the first page of Google Images that seems meet to me.

1. City and state I grew up in (no quotes).

2. The town where I currently reside (ditto).

3. First and last name (no quotes). I would have sworn up and down there were no images attached to my name, but it turns out there are two. Tiger Spot, of course, turns up this.

4. My grandmother's name. Paternal (Also kicked up a picture of Batman, for some odd reason. I was tempted, but this is more appropriate for her.) and maternal.

5. A favorite food. Another favorite food. (Was just one, but you know me and favorites.)

6. Drinks, as above.

7. A favorite smell.

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Beautiful photos! The first one is stunning.

Thanks! There's some very neat stuff out there; I'm glad this came along so I had a reason to look at some of it.

That asparagus picture is deeply, deeply odd....

You say that as though there might have been some other reason I picked it.

Well, there could have been other reasons, in addition too....

Though perhaps it's most sensible just to chalk it up as appreciation of your selection and the reasons for it. :)

Someday someone will explain to me what the popular conception of a "meme" is and means. Yar.

But I put my vote with brooksmoses; deeply weird.

A "meme" is a unit of information in more or less the same way that "gene" is a unit of a more specific type of information. It's usually applied only to information that's easily transmittable through a population -- a religion is a meme; a slang term is a meme; whatever's in fashion this season could be considered a set of memes.

See The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins, for details.

Weird little internet quizzes, being eminently transferable, get the "meme" label all the time. In some parts of the 'net, I'm sure the original meaning has been forgotten entirely and it's just become a synonym for "quiz".

And then there are some people who refuse to use the word, because they do remember the original meaning, far too much, and take issue with "the wrong understanding of evolution and genes that it rode in on and its little dog too."

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