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A more exciting day than expected
I hopped on my bike this afternoon to head to City Hall to drop off my mail-in ballot, and promptly ran over a pin and exploded my rear tire.

So I went to the bike shop instead, and got two new inner tubes (one for backup!). Then I dropped off my ballot and changed the tube. This is the first time I've changed a tube on a bike. It wasn't difficult, but it required more strength than I was expecting. Also I had a little trouble getting the wheel properly seated when I put it back on (I've not removed the rear wheel before, either), but it is all better now.

I don't think my hands have ever been that dirty before.

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Was that your innocent face? It needs work.

Nah, this is my innocent face.

*critiques* Too much eyelash batting, not enough naive obliviousness. Lacks a certain "Hmm? Were you saying something? Oh- about ME?"

You might want to work on that.

Er, oh. The user icon doesn't show up in the e-mail.

Do you really want to claim that your innocent face is in the bath, covered in soap bubbles?

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