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A more exciting day than expected
I hopped on my bike this afternoon to head to City Hall to drop off my mail-in ballot, and promptly ran over a pin and exploded my rear tire.

So I went to the bike shop instead, and got two new inner tubes (one for backup!). Then I dropped off my ballot and changed the tube. This is the first time I've changed a tube on a bike. It wasn't difficult, but it required more strength than I was expecting. Also I had a little trouble getting the wheel properly seated when I put it back on (I've not removed the rear wheel before, either), but it is all better now.

I don't think my hands have ever been that dirty before.

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That's awesome!

I still haven't changed my own tire. I'm a little afraid of it, as I was afraid of changing my harp strings. What if I can't put the bike back together again?

Well, if you mess it up, you take it to the store. Which is what you'd be doing if you had them do it from the start, anyway! (Ooh, that's convincing-sounding. I will use it on myself next time something breaks.)

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