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1. Awesome Vienna Teng concert. Two encores, lots of very very nice music. Great voice, good additional musician, and the organizer who came out and played flute on a few songs worked really well with them.
2. Nice venue -- Noe Valley Ministry Presbyterian Church, which provided a cheerful friendly kid-art decorated room with cool tree/cross/railroad crossing sort of thing.
3. Nice chat with a woman sitting in front of us.
4. Most excellent pasta at the pizza place down the hill a bit.
5. Drove in San Francisco; didn't die.
6. Parallel parked on the left on a hill successfully first try.
7. Drove down FUCKING STEEP HILL OMG IT WAS LIKE THIS: \. I couldn't see the road going over the edge onto the thing. Aiiieeeeeeee. I have dreams with hills in like that; they are not good ones. Didn't die! Only scraped undercarriage of car a little bit bending back out onto the straight part!
8. chinders and suzanne sang "Enormous Penis" on the way home. They had to stop because I was laughing too hard to drive, so they sang it again from the start once we'd parked....

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that's what I said: I live in Mountain View, where I can look at the mountains.

Oh, yeah. San Francisco and its hills. I love that city, but I don't do the driving if it's called for while I'm there if I can help it. OMGHILL.

Usually it is the traffic I have a problem with. Oh, and the stunning ease of getting lost and difficulty of correcting it once it's happened. But, yeah, some of the hills. EEK.

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