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I know things now
I have now rated all 3638 songs in iTunes.

This is useful because it will make it easier for me to put together functional playlists.

Also it means I have listened to them all at least once, except for some of the ones I rated 1, because I can tell quite quickly if I hate a song and never ever want to hear it again.

Now I need some sort of different project to occupy the unused portions of my brain while working.


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That sounds rather like an ominous hmmmm....

Yay for knowing useful things. What are the statistics on how many songs there are of that 3638 in each category?

5: 91
4: 434
3: 1538
2: 1118
1: 457

Those ratings, for reference, roughly correspond to:

5: "OMG wheeeeee! Play it again play it again!"
4: "This is a really good song"
3: "This is a good song"
2: "This is, technically, music" up to "It's okay, but it's not really my thing" [songs that may have some utility in specific applications, but I don't want to hear most of the time]
1: "Kill it with fire!" up to "This is so incredibly boring I never want to hear it again" [songs I don't ever want to listen to]

Um... if you know you hate a song and never want to hear it again, why is it still on your playlist?

Because if I deleted some songs off a CD, I would feel this irritating little space, like a missing tooth.

Alternatively, I'm a packrat.

Oh, and also because maybe other people might want to hear it (the stuff I don't like is mostly stuff Andres bought, except for a few things like blank tracks).

When I run out of space on the iPod, then stuff starts getting deleted.

That all makes sense to me, especially the bit about having everything else on a CD. I tend to listen to albums start-to-finish, and apparently that makes me a bit of a rarity in this "pick your favourite track" day and age.

Yup. I'm an album snob and refuse to shuffle songs. I always listen to complete albums and then go gripe at the kids on my lawn about their singles and how back in the day we had artistic vision about albums as cohesive conceptual pieces we could listen to while walking to hill uphill through the snow.

Damn, I just realized we had it so rough, we had to walk uphill just to get to the hills!

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