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When you live in the place you like best in the world, where do you go on vacation?
In June, we are heading off to see my parents. They're taking us on a cruise. So if you will be in any of the following places in June, or if you know of anything really cool to do in any of the following places in June, I would be delighted to say hi or at least have a plan for how to get a sense of the place very very quickly. (Sadly, anything with travel time is out; we're only spending a day in each place, and most of them we need to be back on the boat by like 3:00 in the afternoon. That isn't anything like enough time to get oriented, much less do any exploring!)

We will be in:
Harwich, England
Paris (Le Havre), France
Plymouth, England
Cork, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland
Flam, Norway
Alesund, Norway
Bergen, Norway

Next time we do this, I'm picking the location. I will pick a location, and we will stay there, and learn something about it. Ideally I want a location which has hiking, museums, ruins or some other large pile of stone, an interesting downtown area to walk around in, and a nice beach or park or other outdoor area to lie about in with impractical beverages and/or picnic food. I'm thinking maybe one of those little islands in Greece.

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We will be in England in June, but nowhere near where you are gonna be (just south of Liverpool). Dublin may be closest, but will take more traveltime than is good for me. So maybe next time. Have fun!

Yeah, doesn't look too easy to meet up. I hope your trip is fun too!

(You have finally inspired me to actually look at a map and see where I'm going. Now I am more excited than I was. Yay maps!)

The only thing I know about that list is that Bad Wolf Bay (Darlig Ulg Stranden) is near Bergen. But I don't know if they actually shot the Doctor Who scene there or not. (And the actual translation is apparently Sick wolf cove or somesuch.)

I know it isn't relevent, but I thought you might be amused.


Hee. :)

You know, I don't think my parents have seen the new Dr. Who. I bet they'd like it.

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