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10:00, time to drug the rats!
A week ago, Thalia had a mass removal and spay, and Niobe had her teeth trimmed to help with an infected/loose bottom tooth. They're both on antibiotics now, which I'm giving by syringe instead of mixing with anything, because they don't seem interested in food tainted with this particular antibiotic.

Niobe is not pleased about the syringe, but will swallow everything once it's in her mouth.

Thalia objects very strongly indeed to the syringe, and won't swallow. Instead, she drools, and then wipes her mouth off on my pants, or the cage wires, or anything else handy. (If she can't find anything, she'll wipe it off with her paws and then shake her paws to get the nasty horribleness to go away. No grooming here, no sir! Don't want that in the mouth at all.) Yesterday she struggled so hard to get away that she opened up the wound on her side; not very much, but enough to bleed a little.

Clio, who is not supposed to be on any medication at all, thinks this is the best-tasting liquid since White Russians. She'll mug the other rats once they're back in the cage and lick off any remaining traces that may happen to be stuck to their fur.

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May I suggest a puppy-acquisition scheme be implemented?

I guess I'm just kidding. Rats are your thing.

I nearly spit out my tea while reading this. Curse you for posting funny stuff when the housemates are asleep!

Myself I have a new kitten who is monopolizing my time. His name is Alphonse Guiness. We're weird. But anyhoo ... He's darling, and I got him from the Humane Society so I'm extra happy with myself.

Right now he's asleep on my leg. This is day three in the house and he's already treating me as Mommy. I think I'm going to cry with joy for the next few hours now.

Ha ha, my evil plan almost succeeded!

Alphonse sounds like a total sweetie. Pictures?

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