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I had a birthday. So I have a great big gift certificate for Sheet Music Plus!

... and very little idea what to do with it. The basic problem here is that my primary criteria for whether I want a given piece of sheet music are (1) whether it sounds good on piano and (2) whether it's easy enough. Buying online makes it difficult to evaluate point (2), since I can't look at the stuff first, and very little of the music I actually listen to was originally written for piano, so I haven't got much of a clue about (1) either (there tends not to be sheet music; when there is it's usually guitar tabs, which are not so much helpful as I do not play guitar).

Therefore: suggestions!

I can use suggestions for songs that were originally written for piano / you heard a piano arrangement of once that sounded good, even if you have never seen the sheet music and wouldn't recognize it if you saw it blowing down the street. Things that sound good when played slowly are better than things that only sound good when played in a sprightly quick sort of fashion; other than that I have no particular genre or style restrictions.

If you are familiar with the sheet music, I have more details:
"Easy enough" is really quite easy, although if it's been specifically rearranged for "Easy Piano" then it has probably been simplified past "sounds good". I like a lot of the level 3 and up stuff from here. I appear to enjoy playing classical music but know very little about it; also I do seem to need it to be simplified some first. If it has 32nd notes or chords with more than four notes then it is too hard.

I need piano solos or piano/vocal/chords in which the piano part includes the melody rather than being strictly an accompaniment. (That is, this is good and this is bad.) I don't think I'm interested in anything that comes with an accompanying CD, but if you recommend one I may try it.

I like books full of things for efficiency and because I have a higher chance of liking / being able to play something in there, but I will purchase individual songs if I am pretty sure about them.

So far I am planning to buy these two; I already have a big book of Beatles stuff that takes care of my remaining Lennon-related needs ("Let It Be", which is too hard for me But I Can Learn Eventually!). The RENT and Sweeney Todd books available on the site don't seem to be quite what I'm looking for, which is a shame because I like the songs from those shows.

Suggestions are great; warnings are also helpful. ("This arrangement sounds nothing like the original." "It doesn't look hard, but no human has fingers that bend like that." "It claims to be all the songs from [insert musical or movie here], but it's missing the three best ones and half the rest are played backwards." That sort of thing.)
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