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I had a great day

brooksmoses and I went to the Farmer's Market and got all kinds of tasty stuff, then went looking for the new gelato place and eventually (after a phone call back home for now-where-was-it-again-ing) found it and determined it to be in fact quite good; while we were looking we also found a Mediterranean Grill on Castro that isn't quite open yet but from the menu looks like it may be the falafel joint andres_s_p_b and I have been pining for. Yay!

Cathy and Eric and suzanne came over at various individual times (although then Eric had to go home again because he was sick, poor guy) and we made dinner out of the tasty things:

1. Random Soup: leeks, carrots, fennel, broccolini, pea shoots, garlic, and miscellaneous spices.
2. Pesto Garlic Bread: unfortunately burnt :( but tasty nonetheless.
3. Battered Squash Blossoms: from this recipe, except that we didn't have most of the things in the stuffing, so we did a mozzarella, bread crumb, and almond one instead. Fun and tasty, but frying in hot oil is scary. Also we made a really massive mess of the kitchen.

Then Cathy and andres_s_p_b went to pick up the new coffee table, and brooksmoses washed the dishes and cleaned the counters while suzanne and I played with the rats. They went home, I swept for the first time (until now it's been too covered in boxes), the coffee table arrived, Cathy went home, and andres_s_p_b decided that it was time to iron the table.

Andrés considers the problem
This is not the new coffee table. This is the old coffee table. In the old apartment, the Evil Heater melted part of the side, leaving it shrunken and wavy, as you can very nearly see here. (I didn't get a proper "before" picture because I didn't realize it was going to look nearly this hilarious until he'd already started.)

Applying the iron
To the uninitiated, it may appear that Andrés is ironing that bit of thin cloth on the edge of the table. In fact, he is ironing the table.

Andrés is upside down
Is it done yet?

Back to ironing
No, not yet. Must need more steam.

Leaning back for a good look
Andrés checks his handiwork...

A flattened edge
Success! (We'll put that end against the wall. It'll fit there now!)
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