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Oh, right, that's why I don't buy candy very often
The new Safeway (or rather, the Safeway that is now closest to us) has a little stand where you can buy Jelly Belly jelly beans in many different flavors. I got about 3/4 pound today.

I have... most of that... left.

I'm'a go get some water, and maybe hide these somewhere. Oogh.

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Jelly beans.. I am SUCH a sucker for those. especially when they are soft.

Do you think the safeway at San Antonio, is closer then the one on shoreline? I think I still think the shoreline one is the closest.

Side note: Got the apartment. Just spent the day with the landlord picking out new tile, and bathroom fixtures. :) Not replacing the tub though.

Hm. Actually, checking Google maps, it looks like the Shoreline one is still a bit closer. The Safeway I went to today, then. :)

Congratulations on the new place! We have emptied three more boxes for you today.

Its a really small difference, I go to both, but it usually depends if I want to pick anything up from Trader Joes or Whole Foods... or the gamestop.

On the other hand, there is a hill between you and the Shoreline Safeway, and not one between you and the San Antonio one. I am not sure how that affects the cycling-effort measure of distance, though.

Me neither; I actually drove this trip, because I was also picking up something largish at Target.

Oh, but they're sooooooo... tiny...

Just one can't hurt...

or two...




(Deleted comment)
Exactly. And with Jelly Bellys, you've also got the must-try-all-possible-combinations effect.

Next time, I am serving myself a little dish and putting the bag away. Infinite jelly beans is not a good serving size!

Probably very wise. I fall into the "well, I'm only having one".."or maybe just one more..." trap. Because it's just one at a time, it never seems that bad.
Until I feel sick from too much sugar, or I'm bouncing off the walls!

I can now report that the small-dish method of selecting a serving size while I can see how big it is works quite well. And makes me feel all elegant, with my little glass dish of dessert.

Chuckle. I sympathize with (and envy) you :-).

Every now and again, I run across a store that has a lovely large variety of Jelly Bellys and I have a hard time not getting a huge number of them. ("Oh, I have to get some root beer! Oh! They have the chocolate pudding flavor! And....")

Fortunately, I have strong favorites among the flavors, so I only got four (cinnamon, green apple, cherry, and watermelon). Although if they'd had chocolate pudding I'd probably have gotten some of that too.

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