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Not Dead
Quick notes:

1. The move went spectacularly quickly and easily. Thank you, moving helpers! (We actually turned down people who called offering to help later in the day, because we had it way under control. The main bottleneck was getting people up and down the stairs without bumping into each other, so more people wouldn't've helped.)

2. The furniture we decided not to take with us has turned out to be a problem. There is a saga, which shall be told later, about the perfidy and awfulness of people who sign up -- and show up -- to take free furniture, then go away to get more helpers to carry and never come back. Had they said they didn't want it, we'd have taken care of it last weekend, but since they did this stringing-along thing it is being an issue. (Going to the dump Saturday, since Goodwill doesn't take particleboard[1], unless anyone has a better idea.)

2.5 I did sell them the television, though, so that's at least one thing gone.

3. No internet or phone service at home yet. Theoretically that starts today, but I need to get a wireless card for my computer, so it'll be a little while longer before I can actually check my home e-mail. (Comments here, Gmail, and my cell phone are all working just fine, though, if you need me.)

4. I am down to 375 unrated songs on my iPod (out of 3551) and have just discovered that it has been long enough since Andres played World of Warcraft that I can hear some of the music from the game without wanting to strangle anybody or anything. (It was Horde-side, though, and he never did play that side much, so maybe some of the other music is still ungood.)

[1] Quite reasonable of them, really. I plan to drop off the actually-made-of-wood drawers, the mirror, and the metal bedframe there on the way to the dump, on the theory that they certainly ought to take those. I should check their position on box springs; I don't think Andres asked about that when he mentioned the other furniture.

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The main bottleneck was getting people up and down the stairs without bumping into each other, so more people wouldn't've helped.

Actually for this problem, I find that more people help because then you can have a chain of people rather than people running up/down stairs. :)

The chain solution was suggested. However, since most of the boxes we were transporting had handles, the handing-off would probably have been more difficult / likely to cause injury or dropped boxes than going up and down the stairs was.

Yay for successful move! Boo for people who lie! When's the housewarming? (CJ asks selfishly) :-)

Probably the first weekend in April. If we push, the public areas of the house can be all ready this weekend, but there are other things I'd like to get squared away first.

Yeah, there's always a lot of squaring away after a move. I read other commens & am cheering for the rats to be able to explore!

But of course, the burning question for me... Did you get gelato afterward? :-)

No! But Andres went to investigate without me Sunday while I was dealing with the evil furniture people. :( I am told that it is in fact quite good.

Glad to hear you made it into your new floating castle ok. How are the rats with the new location? Do they care about such things?
Sad commentary on my life: I read "Not Dead" and thought "undead?" instead of "Oh, of course. Live."

The rats are mainly bored, because they are still in the little cage. We need to clear more boxes out of the way before the wall we want to put them up against is ready to be protected so I can put the big cage there. That is my project for this evening.

Also we ran out of rat food and discovered that the hippie pet store isn't open on Sundays, so they've been eating weird things all week. I bet they'll be relieved when things settle down and they've had a chance to explore the place.

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