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I think it's a new meme. Those are rare.
I was gonna copy serenejournal first, but lcohen is too fast for me.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer just one question:

List (and elaborate on, if you want) three things you think you and I have in common.

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i guess it's cheating to have the same three, but i need to have alt.poly as one.

we seem to have similar senses of humor
we like to make certain people blush

You do know that I'm rather suggestible on that front, right?

I suppose you consider that a feature. :)

Edited at 2008-03-13 08:12 pm (UTC)

as a matter of fact, i do!

We are both (or at least we are both perceived by others as) cheerful people by nature.
We both enjoy fondue.
We are both frustrated by shopping for certain kinds of garments.

(Deleted comment)
I am amused by the vast gulf in specificity between the first two items and the last one.

You would, however, be somewhat surprised how few people I've actually heard say the phrase, "I like food."

Indeed. But I'm not at all sure I've heard anyone other than you say it (and now kalmn, implicitly).

(Deleted comment)
It is, indeed, regrettable that much of the world is not sane.

(Interestingly, I've been noticing that I have moods in which I don't like food, when I'm busy working on interesting work, and hungry. I don't like being hungry, but having to go to the effort of finding food and preparing it and so forth is just a bother, and if I could have an equally-healthy food pill to swallow and be done with it, I would. On the other hand, when I'm in an appropriate mood, I do quite like food.)

(It's also one of those words that, when repeated often enough, goes quite weird. Food food food foo food food fnord food. See?)

Perhaps it is the very moderateness of "like" that is problematic; a lot of people (women especially) have this thing going on where food is very very tempting and desirable, but must be resisted. There's an all-or-nothing aspect to it, where once you've given in and had a bite of something, you must have the whole plate. So a love/hate thing made up of mixed opposites, rather than anything out of the middle of the spectrum.

I figured I didn't want to do this meme, I didn't fill it out for anyone, I didn't put it up in my own journal. Just because there's only a few people on my flist.

I think you and I do have some things in common, but the are not easy to define. But then: I also think I have a lot in common with serene and lisa too.

Maybe it just means we are great women?

1. We are gamer girls married to awesome gamer guys.
2. We own / have owned multiple small furry critters that live together in one big multi-level cage.
3. We don't spend any extra effort on looking good but still manage to succeed at it.


I like this meme. Don't know how I missed it when you originally posted, although I might have seen it and just gotten otherwise distracted.

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