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Death to Particleboard!

Freecycle failed me, but Craigslist has done well. Someone will be coming to take away the bedroom furniture we don't want on Sunday[1]; if that falls through I have another interested party as backup. And a lot of people who are only interested in the dresser, for some reason.

Our shiny new bedroom furniture won't be delivered for another few weeks yet, so it is mattress-on-floor time. That's okay. It'll be like camping!

Andres noticed me looking at the furniture listings to see if my ad was displaying properly and spotted a sofabed he thinks he likes for the den, which he is going to test for comfort tomorrow.

No packing for me today. My theory was that I'd clean up some of this pile of other-things-that-need-to-be-dealt-with on my desk, but instead I am going to bed. Sleep is good. Tomorrow after work we will finish off the closets (that stuff is mainly boxed already, but in shoebox-sized units, so the lighter things can usefully be consolidated into larger boxes for ease of transport) and take down the art. Then Friday is last-minute day.

[1] By that time the boxes will be out of the way so it will be physically possible to haul the nasty falling-apart stuff down the stairs, hurrah.
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