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Today's injury list
1. Cut finger on string while failing to fly kites with brooksmoses; bled a little, mostly stung.
2. Stabbed self with carrot; bled a lot.

It's been one of those weeks.

But other than the injuries, on the whole a very good day!

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They're vicious things, carrots. They try to kill me whenever I encounter them.

Ok, how exactly did you stab yourself with a carrot so as to cause bleeding?

andres_s_p_b suggests that the more accurate phrasing might be that I stabbed the carrot with my thumb, and my thumb lost. All I know is the thumbnail went into the carrot, and then there was bleeding (and a chunk of carrot under the thumbnail, which I promptly removed). I feel that, since I was the one bleeding, I was the one that was stabbed.

Traditionally, the carrot pays off the knife and the knife stabs me instead, but this time it decided to take matters into its own hands. Hard orange flesh. Whatever.


Stalking the wild asparagus, or the wild carrot, I might add, might be dangerous.

But are you telling me you got speared by a ... a domestic carrot? a TAME carrot? (*avoids the riff on the "dead parrot" scene*)
I...I just don't know what to say.

I usually get attacked by kites, if I get attacked by anything in your list. Kites are shifty bastards - they'll swoop at the last moment, and that's when the attack comes...

The kites were also quite vicious, but I managed to avoid injury from them until I'd been lulled into a false sense of security. And then the string got me while I wasn't paying attention. You just can't ever let your guard down.

And...I got a name. Yar.

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