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The iTunes meme

Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 3590
How many hours or days of music: 11 days

Most recently played: "Once in a Lifetime" -- Wolfsheim (this is off one of my new CDs)
Most played: "Like Apple Trees" -- ThouShaltNot
Most recently added: "The Trouble We're In" -- Mesh (last song on the last of the new CDs)

Sort by song title
First Song: "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" -- Tori Amos (I don't actually like this song)
Last Song: "Zwara" -- Juno Reactor (I don't think I've ever listened to this song; it's one of Andrés')

Sort by time
Shortest Song: 1 second -- "The Seven Samurai" -- Photek (also Andrés' fault; is simply a gong sound)
Longest Song: 1 hour, 16 minutes, 38 seconds -- "The Theme Show: 9/12/06 "Avast! Thar Be Pirates!"" (downloaded for last year's Talk Like a Pirate Day party)

Sort by album
First album: *#&@! -- KMFDM (also Andrés'; I think they have one song I like, but are in the main entirely unlistenable)
Last album: Entirely in Japanese, and doesn't display properly on my system. I think it's a song from the soundtrack to one of Akira Kurosawa's films and is, of course, Andrés' fault
Last album where I actually have the whole album: XTORT -- KMFDM (bloody hell!)

First song that comes up on Shuffle: "Crushed" -- Collide (I don't like that song either, but I do like "halo" and some of their other songs)

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 9
Life - 48
Love - 75
Hate – 17
You - 213
Sex – 37 (This is artificially inflated by the inclusion of some of Andrés' CDs I never ever listen to. More than the others, I mean. The songs I like are a wee bit more subtle.)

Wow, that's an incredibly inaccurate picture of what I actually listen to. Darn Andrés and his largely incompatible musical tastes.
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