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What do I want to do when I grow up?
It's job-hunting time again. And I need to clarify some goals. I want a job that is:

* useful
* interesting
* and pays lots of money

I am willing to settle for two of three.

Useful: Makes some kind of positive difference somewhere in the world. It does not have to be a big difference; it does not have to be a large part of the world. Useful things I have done in the past: taught students of various ages; walked dogs at an animal shelter; random one-shot volunteering.

Interesting: Has some variety; not doing the exact same thing for a year. Pleasant to think about. Challenging. Requires at least some mental effort on my part.

Pays lots of money: Relatively self-explanatory.

Beyond this, I am kind of lost. I have a Bachelor of Science in biology, with a specialization in ecology, evolution, and conservation, that I would very much like to use. I have a surprisingly large amount of education background for someone without any formal training, and I do like explaining things.

I think I should probably narrow things down a bit past "Something vaguely sciency," but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. What are the questions I ought to be asking myself?

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Is there any particular company or organization that seems interesting or exciting?

What skills do you want to use?

What work environment do you want (formal/informal, indoors/outdoors, office/travel, alone/with other people, etc.)?

Good luck with the search!

These are all very useful questions, and the answers to them are awfully complicated. Even those bits that look binary are heavily condition-dependent. Definitely good to think about. Thank you!

I found my job at Annual Reviews through this incredibly nifty organization called "opportunity nocs" which lists job openings in non-profit agencies. So if you're looking to be a good-doer, that might be a place to look.


I happen to know that we're not looking for a production editor or assistant at the moment, but I'll talk to my HR director and my boss to see if they'd be interested in having your resume on file if anything opens up. (the only opening at the moment is for a marketing specialist, a thought which just made Brooks giggle madly when I said "good lords, Theresa and Izumi?"(the other marketing specialist who is very... well, Izumi.))

Oh, that looks like a very handy sort of website. Thank you!

Marketing is not historically a large part of my skill set. (This is why I hate job hunting so much -- it's all about selling me, and I am not so good at the selling.) But now I'm all curious about this Izumi person.


So, I'm going to show myself for the hippie I am: idealist.org had a job fair in Pittsburgh last year, and I went, though on the wrong day. In fact, I guess they're having another one here on March 16th, and one in L.A. on April 21st. But they have lots of jobs and things. Since I'm just about as inept in the marketplace as you are, I don't imagine I'm the best judge of such things.

There appear to be about 460 jobs in California from them. But that's nothing helpful; I hear the land of milk and honey is a big place, and I'm sure most of them are in L.A.


Hey! Wasn't expecting you to pop up here. Pull up a chair, leave comments!

Looks like there are plenty of things listed in the area, including one in San Francisco I should maybe think about applying for just from a quick glance. (Writing, editing, maintaining a website -- I can do that! Maybe not so much the last bit now, but I do have a website, even if it is in the rawest of raw html. And I have firm ideas about usability.)

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