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They'd better appreciate this.
Cleaned the rat cage today. Badly, badly overdue, but now neat, tidy, thoroughly rearranged, and smelling... better.

I have got to come up with a more effective cleaning regimen. The base is fine, the toys are fine, the vinyl we have up to protect the walls is fine, but the cage itself is a major, major pain to clean. The rats are very good about keeping their solid waste to the bottom of the cage, but they pee all over everything, and it's really hard to get it off the wires. Let that be a lesson to all of you considering buying the five foot tall ratty Taj Mahal (down at the bottom of the page there) -- you will have to clean the damn thing, regularly, forever.

Today's score: Cage 2, Me 1. It did get cleaned, but not only did I slice my hand open on a sharp bit covered in filth, I also managed to stab myself in the other hand with a safety pin while hanging a hammock.

I did manage to come up with some novel ways to arrange the climbing toys. So what are the rats doing? They are eating their dry food, of course, which has only been in the cage since 10:00 this morning. Ingrates.

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Ouch! I hope the rats are more appreciative today. That is a pretty snazzy looking tower, but I can see how it would be a pain to clean. What are your feelings about gloves? I have heard very good things about Casabella gloves. I think you can get them at Organized Living.

We have gloves. Perhaps I would be more likely to wear them if we had gloves that actually fit my hands.

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